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My Pi3B+ doesn't boot: start here
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My Pi3B+ doesn't boot: start here

by adafruit_support_mike on Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:06 am

We've seen a huge number of posts from people saying their new Pi3B+ won't boot.

Almost all of them trace back to the same problem: the Pi3B+ doesn't work with older OS images of Raspbian or NOOBs.

The Pi3B+ has new hardware, and only version 2.7 of Raspbian Stretch (or later) will work.

All older OS images are guaranteed to fail on the Pi3B+, no matter how many other, older RasPis boot from the same card.

If you have a Pi3B+ that doesn't boot from the latest version of Raspbian, YOU MUST START A NEW THREAD FOR YOUR ISSUE.

Hijacking somoene else's thread while we're trying to help them is bad forum manners, and we've seen so much of it that we will delete posts made by anyone except the original poster of a thread.

You can start a new thread using the 'POST A TOPIC' button in the upper left corner of the forum index page:

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