Raspberry Pi 3B+ Stopped Booting
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Raspberry Pi 3B+ Stopped Booting

by SGH01 on Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:18 am

I recently purchased a RPi 3B+ (order #2062440-4258926813). I downloaded the latest release of Raspian Lite (04/08/2019 release date), installed it on an SD card, powered it up and everything worked as expected for about one week. Now, the Pi won't boot. The red power LED is illuminated when power is applied to the micro USB port, but nothing else appears to happen. The measured voltage on header pins #1 and #17 and is 2.0V now. I get approximately 5.25V on the 5V pins, as expected.

I never attached anything to the headers on this RPi, aside from the voltmeter to measure the voltages mentioned above. I have tried powering the RPi with several different power supplies, including the 5.25V 2.5A one I received from Adafruit a couple years ago (Item # 1995). I also installed Raspian Lite on another SD card and tried that, with the same result.

I have not attached any other peripheral devices to this RPi, so nothing external to the RPi board itself could be drawing power from it. Is there anything else I need to try, or does it seem that mine has a faulty 3.3V regulator?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.