32 x 64 LED Matrix and Pi Zero WH Both Defective... What Can
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32 x 64 LED Matrix and Pi Zero WH Both Defective... What Can

by tldrita on Thu May 06, 2021 12:25 pm


I am a first time purchaser from your store as I wanted to start some Raspberry Pi projects! However, I have been experiencing an absurd amount of issues with at least 2/3 of my purchases – the 32x64 LED Matrix and the Pi Zero WH. I also have purchased the HAT, which may or may not be in working order (can’t tell if it’s causing these problems or not). Order number: 2554481-4131347913

After setting up the LED Matrix and running the hzeller demos, I have been led to believe my LED Matrix is faulty. Despite following numerous guides on how to set up the rows, columns, LED slowdown GPIO, etc, the matrix would barely work. I would attach an image of what was happening, however I cannot do that for reasons regarding my Pi Zero which I will explain after. But essentially, the matrix was struggling to turn on any LEDs, loads of flickering where it would flicker on for a second and turn off; at no point was it consistently working for longer than a few seconds. Again, I was sure to follow setup instructions numerous times, and looking at some forum posts (i.e. viewtopic.php?f=47&t=89321 ) I am led to believe that my matrix is not in working condition. I am using 5V 4A switching power supply from Adafruit (Elmwood Electronics, ID: E20172), so I do not believe it is a power issue.

Now, on to my Pi Zero WH. I have been using a separate cord to power the Pi Zero (not relying on the 5V power supply to power it), which is a USB cable connected to my laptop, as suggested in the . Previously (last night), it appeared to be working. In fact, the Pi would not work unless I had it plugged in through USB – relying on the HAT/5V power supply to power the Pi did not work, as pushing the HAT all the way into the GPIO pins (I did this very gently, I promise) did not provide power to the Pi. Instead, it had to be in a really awkward position to power it, half plugged into the Pi. Sort of like a phone charger that needs to be in a really specific position to charge your phone. Not sure what was up with that, but that’s my explanation for using a separate source to power the Pi. Anyhow, this morning, I went to plug in the Pi Zero to my computer and now it no longer boots, just gets quite hot (whereas it would not get this hot last night). It’s just completely dead now, and again some research online has led me to believe that my Pi is now fried. What gives? I didn’t do anything that could cause this sort of thing, and I’ve already been having so many issues with the matrix – which makes me re-question all of this and wonder if maybe all of this is the HATs fault??

Is there any way I can have these products replaced? I just feel so sad that I spent so much money (I’m a broke University kid) to work on my first solo side project, but everything just failed despite all the precautions I took. Nothing went right at all. Don’t take this email in bad taste, I love you guys. Not mad, just sad ):

Thanks for reading. Take care,


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Re: 32 x 64 LED Matrix and Pi Zero WH Both Defective... What

by adafruit_support_carter on Thu May 06, 2021 1:07 pm

The RGB Matrix HAT requires some user assembly and soldering:
https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-rgb ... i/assembly
What you are describing sounds like maybe something is shorting on the HAT. Can you post some photos showing your soldering job on the HAT headers pins.

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