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gps logging dog harness
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gps logging dog harness

by bovindo on Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:37 am

I'm a member of a dog search team for missing people. Ours is an organization formed by volunteers, we are not a government agency. Our main task is to "reclaim" an assigned area, that means to be sure that there is no missing person in that area thanks to the dog search. These areas are around 4/7 ha (40-70000 square meters).
Usually we have GPS, with the indication of the limits of the zone within we have to operate. However, in the very dense woodland or brushwood areas it is difficult to keep the dog
in sight and be sure that he has not missed any few areas. To solve this problem we were thinking about a gps to be inserted in the dog's bib, recording the path, and then
download it on the PC (overlapping the track with cartography or images). Your ADAFRUIT flora solution connected to a GPS seems to me very interesting and suitable for our
purposes, but I have some doubts and a request for integration. The doubt is about water and dust resistance as well as impacts. The integration request is about the possibility of being able to see in real time the dog's journey on a tablet as it would allow the dog handler or his carer to be promptly informed of any "holes" or overruns.
The ideal would be data transmission via radio (not via cellular network as we often work in areas not covered) with low-power devices (max 1km) and with free frequencies for
Italy (eg PMR 446 MHz or LPD 433-434 MHz).

I thank you very much in advance for your kind attention.

Best Regards,

Gianluca Fila
Dog Team of the Garda Volunteers Group

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.