NeoGeo watch: Beginner edition
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NeoGeo watch: Beginner edition

by ejm554 on Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:28 pm

Hi there! My 10-year-old was wowed by the NeoGeo Watch project in the Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA book, and they would love to build one. However, this project is classified as "advanced," and they have very little experience working with electronics.

As such, I'm looking for some advice on if / how this project can be adapted to an enthused beginner. I know that I might be able figure this out on my own by ordering some parts, use trial & error, maybe order more parts, and repeat. As an alternative, I'm hoping that I could tap the experience of this community, determine if it is doable, make a plan, and then place a single order that I can be confident will work. :-)

Here are a few questions and observations. Please let me know if I can add any additional details!

  • My kid doesn't any experience with building electronics, but it's my intention to make it part of our homeschool curriculum.
  • I think that the Arduino code (at least for this project) may be too advanced for them. However, they are a pro when it comes to block-based programming, and I was already planning to introduce them to something like Circuit Python.
  • Can I substitute the FLORA main board in the parts list with something like a Circuit Playground Express or Circuit Playground Bluefruit, and still expect it to work with the project's other parts (FLORA GPS module, FLORA accelerometer/compass sensor, etc.)?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.