Racecar Bluetooth Steering Wheel Controller
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Racecar Bluetooth Steering Wheel Controller

by bakergofast on Tue Apr 19, 2022 1:26 pm

Hey all, relatively green when it comes to circuitry although have a vast understanding of wiring.
Currently putting together a data/wireless telemetry system for my BMW endurance race car, which utilizes a tablet for data display in the cockpit.
The system is already compatible with keyboard controls, and works with bluetooth keyboards (ESC=No Enter=Yes arrow keys swap data displayed) so I'd like to build a bluetooth keyboard controller into the steering, that essentially functions as a normal keyboard would, just visually being super different.
Found Adafruit through discovering the Bluefruit EZ-Key but that is discontinued, so my question is what would be my best route regarding a controller while having the following characteristics:
-external battery (that is rechargeable)
-battery life that can last at least 8 hours. In my experience bluetooth keyboard batteries last foreverrrrrr but want to be sure
-slight ease of programmability


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Re: Racecar Bluetooth Steering Wheel Controller

by tepalia02 on Sun May 22, 2022 8:40 am

Here in this reddit thread, some users have suggested some alternatives to Bluefruit EZ-Key. https://www.reddit.com/r/adafruit/comme ... uit_ezkey/

One solution is to use this : https://learn.adafruit.com/introducing- ... idkeyboard

However, you may have noticed that the PCB files of Bluefruit EZ-Key are still available.

https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-Bl ... EZ-Key-PCB

If you by any chance chose to make your own PCB, these blogs may help you to some extent.


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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.