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Bluefruit NRF52832 and NRF52840 no longer working to emulate
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Bluefruit NRF52832 and NRF52840 no longer working to emulate

by johncohn on Thu Jul 23, 2020 10:38 pm

for the last several weeks I've been successfully emulating a mouse for an iPad using the hid-mouse features of a bluefruit NRF52832 and NRF52840. Today I had to upgrade to iOS 13.3 on my iPad and now neither of the chips now can emulate a mouse. Instead I get the following message when poor.. and the iPad mouse features do not work

using "Bluefruit52) may effect Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity:

The mouse still works with an official Apple "magic mouse" . This post on reddit a couple of days ago seems to imply that Apple may be trying to limit use of these new mouse features to their own products… (Ugh). ... _wifi_and/

Does anyone know why the bluefruit code would suddenly stop working like this? More importantly Any thoughts on what I need to do in the Bluetooth set up to get this working again? I'm kind of desperate as this is part of a major product demonstration we're doing. Any help so very appreciate it!

ps. I can demonstrate this problem using the stock example HID mouse code that comes with bluefruit. I'll include it here just for completeness

Code: Select all | TOGGLE FULL SIZE
This is an example for our nRF52 based Bluefruit LE modules

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Adafruit invests time and resources providing this open source code,
please support Adafruit and open-source hardware by purchasing
products from Adafruit!

MIT license, check LICENSE for more information
All text above, and the splash screen below must be included in
any redistribution
#include <bluefruit.h>

BLEDis bledis;
BLEHidAdafruit blehid;

#define MOVE_STEP    10

void setup()
  while ( !Serial ) delay(10);   // for nrf52840 with native usb

  Serial.println("Bluefruit52 HID Mouse Example");
  Serial.println("Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings to pair your device");
  Serial.println("then open an application that accepts mouse input");

  Serial.println("Enter following characters");
  Serial.println("- 'WASD'  to move mouse (up, left, down, right)");
  Serial.println("- 'LRMBF' to press mouse button(s) (left, right, middle, backward, forward)");
  Serial.println("- 'X'     to release mouse button(s)");

  // HID Device can have a min connection interval of 9*1.25 = 11.25 ms
  Bluefruit.Periph.setConnInterval(9, 16); // min = 9*1.25=11.25 ms, max = 16*1.25=20ms
  Bluefruit.setTxPower(4);    // Check bluefruit.h for supported values

  // Configure and Start Device Information Service
  bledis.setManufacturer("Adafruit Industries");
  bledis.setModel("Bluefruit Feather 52");

  // BLE HID

  // Set up and start advertising

void startAdv(void)
  // Advertising packet
  // Include BLE HID service

  // There is enough room for 'Name' in the advertising packet
  /* Start Advertising
   * - Enable auto advertising if disconnected
   * - Interval:  fast mode = 20 ms, slow mode = 152.5 ms
   * - Timeout for fast mode is 30 seconds
   * - Start(timeout) with timeout = 0 will advertise forever (until connected)
   * For recommended advertising interval
  Bluefruit.Advertising.setInterval(32, 244);    // in unit of 0.625 ms
  Bluefruit.Advertising.setFastTimeout(30);      // number of seconds in fast mode
  Bluefruit.Advertising.start(0);                // 0 = Don't stop advertising after n seconds  

void loop()
  if (Serial.available())
    char ch = (char);

    // convert to upper case
    ch = (char) toupper(ch);
    // echo
      // WASD to move the mouse
      case 'W':
        blehid.mouseMove(0, -MOVE_STEP);

      case 'A':
        blehid.mouseMove(-MOVE_STEP, 0);

      case 'S':
        blehid.mouseMove(0, MOVE_STEP);

      case 'D':
        blehid.mouseMove(MOVE_STEP, 0);

      // LRMBF for mouse button(s)
      case 'L':

      case 'R':

      case 'M':

      case 'B':

      case 'F':
        // This key is not always supported by every OS

      case 'X':
        // X to release all buttons

      default: break;

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.