Customer ordered 10pcs Raspberry Pi zero packs and having is
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Customer ordered 10pcs Raspberry Pi zero packs and having is

by dan_rapp on Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:37 pm

To Adafruit Support Team:

The customer ordered and received 10pcs of Raspberry Pi Zero budget packs in part number 3410 and states that some of their SD cards are damaged or incorrect. While some of the cards work, the ones that don't only show to have 2GB of storage -- when the customer formats them on his PC computer, while they are labeled or advertised as being 8GB (!).
The customer is wanting to exchange SD cards and I am not sure if the 3410 part has a separate part number for the 8GB SD card (?). I am contacting you to see if you have heard of this "wrong SD card" issue with the p/n 3410 -- or -- if you may have a suggestion for the customer to try to read/format their SD cards (?).

Can you help us? Have you heard of this issue before? Do you have any suggestions? If it is an issue, then what is the part number to the separate 8GB SD card for the p/n 3410?


[customer comments; customer photo attached: 'badSDcards.jpg']
"Please see the photo attached. The cards say 8GB, but my computer and pi
is only seeing them at 2GB cards.

I purchased a set of 10 basic raspberry pi zero kits from you. However,
as I am trying to work with the SD cards, some of them appear to be
damaged or incorrect. Many of the cards work, but the ones that don't say
they only have 2GB of storage (formatting via my computer) when the card
itself says 8GB on it.

How do we go about exchanging the cards? Is there any specific information
you need from me?"

Dan Rapp
Technical Support
Mouser Electronics
(800) 346-6873
(817) 804-3800
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Re: Customer ordered 10pcs Raspberry Pi zero packs and havin

by adafruit_support_mike on Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:59 am

First, have them try to do a low-level format with the SD Association's official tool for the job:


That reassigns blocks of physical storage relative to the filesystem, and should clear up any problems with partitions being the wrong size if the underlying array is still good.

If that doesn't work, we'll need to know the number of cards that don't work. Getting a bad card is always possible, but we haven't had any spike in reports of people getting bad ones.

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