nRF52 Setup Problems
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nRF52 Setup Problems

by davidjpinnock on Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:06 pm

I'm setting up my recently purchased nRF52 and ran into a hang up. I've been following all the steps of the Bluefruit nRF52 Feather Learning Guide and got stuck on "Arduino Board Setup". Under part #2 "Select the USB CDC Serial Port" I originally didn't see the SiLabs device listed. All I could see under port was COM3 and COM4, so I installed the CP210x driver. I now can see that my COM4 is the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to ART Bridge, the baud rate is 115200, flow control is off.
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Failed to upgrade target. Error is: No data received on serial port. Not able to proceed.
Possible causes:
- Bootloader, SoftDevice or Application on target does not match the requirements in the DFU package.
- Baud rate must be 115200, Flow control must be off.
- Target is not in DFU mode. Ground DFU pin and RESET and release both to enter DFU mode.

I've double check the baud rate and flow control. I've connected the DFU pin to ground and reset the board. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or can upload here to help describe what I'm doing??

Any help would be huge!

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Re: nRF52 Setup Problems

by john_robie_the_cat on Sat May 05, 2018 12:15 pm

Did you eventually succeed in using you Feather board ?
I'm on Linux ubuntu 18.04, I checked the cable, I can see the USB Silabs port with lsusb, BUT I have no silabs port in Arduino IDE. I have no choice, only ttyUSB 0

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you !

John Robie

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