IO Code lessons/tutorials regarding sending data to IO
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Re: IO Code lessons/tutorials regarding sending data to IO

by wsquared58 on Wed Jun 26, 2019 3:09 pm

Thank you all for the comments. They are very appreciated. You all have an excellent site and it is much more useful and cohesive than some of the other similar sites. I'd actually started down what was going to be a super aggravating effort to piece part things together and said let me abort this because Adafruit is much more cohesive and not a mish mash of old and new. I'm enjoying this effort to know end. So, again thank you.

Since I am mixing different code samples from different authors it is sometimes a challenge to figure out what is a stylistic difference and what is relevant to the functionality of the code.

Plus this microcomputer hardware and software is advancing at such a high rate I have to determine if a given code sample is still the best way to do a thing with a given sensor. There are several items that I still don't exactly understand what they are doing but I will save those for later. It's easy to back out a line of code, run it and if it crashes obviously it was relevant. I just want the code to be as thin as possible and not duplicate lines from different authors unless there is a specific reason.

In addition to the anemometer, I want to get one of these Milone eTape level instruments to measure storm surge. In a perfect world it would read zero forever implying that my friends house didn't get flooded but considering he bought it in foreclosure during financial crisis and it had been flooded, a level instrument seems relevant.

I've been trying to locate an example of that code that is useful with the Pi 3 B+. There are some examples out there but they have some age on them and some of the code looks like it might be outdated. Just a couple of hours ago found something on tinyhome.io that looks super relevant to what I want to do with the eTape

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.