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"Can't Connect" Red Bar?
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"Can't Connect" Red Bar?

by ryansusername00 on Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:17 pm

The red bar at the top of the page.. I can't find exact details on what it represents or means. From what I can gather, it might be related to being throttled? If so, is there any way to know for how long the throttle will last for? Is there anyway to say "reset" once you track down and remove any overly active callers (or at least once you think that you have removed those callers).

Last time that I was actively developing with io.adafruit was a couple years ago. Back then, I would only occasionally see the red bar, and I never thought much of it since it was rare and usually refreshing the page would make it go away (probably because the lockout was shorter, if that's what the bar is meant to represent).

At what point does the system decide to throttle? I've been running one of these systems for almost 3 years - miraculously I haven't had to touch the code until today and it while I assumed that I would have to relearn some things to modify my system I wish I didn't have to spend half of the time figuring out if it was buggy code or if I was locked out of the server. Which I still don't actually have an answer if it's just my code or something else preventing me from connecting to the mqtt client. Separate issue from the question about about the red bar, but any ideas would be appreciated. Here is the output:
Connecting to MQTT... Connecting to:
Connect result: 1
MQTT connect packet:
[0x10], ; [0x3B], [0x00], [0x04], M [0x4D], Q [0x51], T [0x54], T [0x54],
[0x04], [0xC2], [0x01], , [0x2C], [0x00], [0x00], [0x00], [0x0B],
b [0x62], u [0x75], i [0x69], l [0x6C], d [0x64], m [0x6D], a [0x61], s [0x73],
t [0x74], e [0x65], r [0x72], [0x00], [0x20], 5 [0x35], e [0x65], 3 [0x33],
8 [0x38], 9 [0x39], 7 [0x37], 2 [0x32], 2 [0x32], f [0x66], e [0x65], 3 [0x33],
9 [0x39], 4 [0x34], c [0x63], c [0x63], 1 [0x31], 8 [0x38], a [0x61], 5 [0x35],
4 [0x34], 3 [0x33], 8 [0x38], 0 [0x30], f [0x66], d [0x64], 6 [0x36], 3 [0x33],
3 [0x33], 7 [0x37], 0 [0x30], 8 [0x38], 1 [0x31],
Client sendPacket returned: 61
Connection failed
Retrying MQTT connection in 5 seconds...
MQTT disconnect packet:
[0xE0], [0x00],
Connection failed!
Unable to send disconnect packet

Anyway, Adafruit IO has worked great for me for the past few years and I'm sure this is all just user error. The red bar though - that thing could use a tooltip or something to explain what it is there for..


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Re: "Can't Connect" Red Bar?

by abachman on Tue Oct 08, 2019 10:45 am

Hi ryansusername00,

If you're getting disconnected from MQTT in the browser, then it's a temporary ban which should only be caused by a significant number of MQTT errors in a short time. The MQTT documentation at has details about error messages you might run into and why they're happening. One throttled data point or MQTT error won't cause a temporary ban, but a lot in a short period of time (less than a minute) will.

While you're updating your clients/devices, make sure to keep a browser tab open to while you're signed in to Adafruit IO to make sure you see all MQTT error messages and throttle warnings. If you've been temporarily banned you can see that information (that you've been blocked and how long it will last) on the "Profile" tab of the site menu and on your monitor page. If you aren't seeing info on either of those pages, it means you triggered the anti-denial-of-service system (500+ MQTT errors in an hour) and are blocked at the IP address level. Those bans clear after 24 hours. If you leave a note using the feedback tool on with your current IP address, we can check if it's been blocked.

We didn't have so many cases that resulted in temporary MQTT blocks a couple years ago, but we also had 1/10 as many people using the service and our MQTT broker crashed whenever an over-excited esp8266 published 30 MQTT subscribe messages a second :( The functionality of Adafruit IO hasn't changed or been reduced, but we are less permissive.

- adam b.

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Re: "Can't Connect" Red Bar?

by guillaumearnx on Sat Nov 23, 2019 2:41 pm

Hello, I've been banned definitly because some errors. Can you unban me please. Because the red bar prevents me to connect mqtt

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Re: "Can't Connect" Red Bar?

by abachman on Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:58 am

If it's IP address based then the block is only for 24 hours. If you're blocked for multiple days in a row, then it means a device on your network is reconnecting after the block ends and getting you blocked again.

- adam b.

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