Trouble getting MatrixPortal to connect
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Trouble getting MatrixPortal to connect

by qarlwithaq on Wed May 05, 2021 12:16 am

I'm trying to get a tutorial project from Adabox 16 running but having some issues. I think it's an IO thing, but I might be wrong.

I'm following along with this guide
https://learn.adafruit.com/aio-quote-bo ... uote-board

And using this guide for the internet connection setup.
https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-mat ... et-connect

This is the secrets.py code I have
Code: Select all | TOGGLE FULL SIZE
# This file is where you keep secret settings, passwords, and tokens!
# If you put them in the code you risk committing that info or sharing it

secrets = {
    'ssid' : 'my actual wifi network name',
    'password' : 'my actual wifi network password',
    'timezone' : "America/New_York",  # http://worldtimeapi.org/timezones
    'aio_username' : 'my actual Adafruit IO username',
    'aio_key' : 'my actual Adafruit IO key',
# Write your code here :-)

And then test code on the internet connect guide works fine, I see bitcoin prices and a "This is a test of Adafruit WiFi! If you can read this, its working :)" message
Code: Select all | TOGGLE FULL SIZE
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2019 ladyada for Adafruit Industries
# SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

import board
import busio
from digitalio import DigitalInOut
import adafruit_requests as requests
import adafruit_esp32spi.adafruit_esp32spi_socket as socket
from adafruit_esp32spi import adafruit_esp32spi

# Get wifi details and more from a secrets.py file
    from secrets import secrets
except ImportError:
    print("WiFi secrets are kept in secrets.py, please add them there!")

print("ESP32 SPI webclient test")

TEXT_URL = "http://wifitest.adafruit.com/testwifi/index.html"
JSON_URL = "http://api.coindesk.com/v1/bpi/currentprice/USD.json"

# If you are using a board with pre-defined ESP32 Pins:
esp32_cs = DigitalInOut(board.ESP_CS)
esp32_ready = DigitalInOut(board.ESP_BUSY)
esp32_reset = DigitalInOut(board.ESP_RESET)

# If you have an AirLift Shield:
# esp32_cs = DigitalInOut(board.D10)
# esp32_ready = DigitalInOut(board.D7)
# esp32_reset = DigitalInOut(board.D5)

# If you have an AirLift Featherwing or ItsyBitsy Airlift:
# esp32_cs = DigitalInOut(board.D13)
# esp32_ready = DigitalInOut(board.D11)
# esp32_reset = DigitalInOut(board.D12)

# If you have an externally connected ESP32:
# NOTE: You may need to change the pins to reflect your wiring
# esp32_cs = DigitalInOut(board.D9)
# esp32_ready = DigitalInOut(board.D10)
# esp32_reset = DigitalInOut(board.D5)

spi = busio.SPI(board.SCK, board.MOSI, board.MISO)
esp = adafruit_esp32spi.ESP_SPIcontrol(spi, esp32_cs, esp32_ready, esp32_reset)

requests.set_socket(socket, esp)

if esp.status == adafruit_esp32spi.WL_IDLE_STATUS:
    print("ESP32 found and in idle mode")
print("Firmware vers.", esp.firmware_version)
print("MAC addr:", [hex(i) for i in esp.MAC_address])

for ap in esp.scan_networks():
    print("\t%s\t\tRSSI: %d" % (str(ap["ssid"], "utf-8"), ap["rssi"]))

print("Connecting to AP...")
while not esp.is_connected:
        esp.connect_AP(secrets["ssid"], secrets["password"])
    except RuntimeError as e:
        print("could not connect to AP, retrying: ", e)
print("Connected to", str(esp.ssid, "utf-8"), "\tRSSI:", esp.rssi)
print("My IP address is", esp.pretty_ip(esp.ip_address))
    "IP lookup adafruit.com: %s" % esp.pretty_ip(esp.get_host_by_name("adafruit.com"))
print("Ping google.com: %d ms" % esp.ping("google.com"))

# esp._debug = True
print("Fetching text from", TEXT_URL)
r = requests.get(TEXT_URL)
print("-" * 40)
print("-" * 40)

print("Fetching json from", JSON_URL)
r = requests.get(JSON_URL)
print("-" * 40)
print("-" * 40)


And then this is the code I'm trying for my quotes:
Code: Select all | TOGGLE FULL SIZE
# Quote board matrix display
# uses AdafruitIO to serve up a quote text feed and color feed
# random quotes are displayed, updates periodically to look for new quotes
# avoids repeating the same quote twice in a row

import time
import random
import board
import terminalio
from adafruit_matrixportal.matrixportal import MatrixPortal

# --- Display setup ---
matrixportal = MatrixPortal(status_neopixel=board.NEOPIXEL, debug=True)

# Create a new label with the color and text selected
    text_position=(0, (matrixportal.graphics.display.height // 2) - 1),

# Static 'Connecting' Text
    text_position=(2, (matrixportal.graphics.display.height // 2) - 1),

QUOTES_FEED = "sign-quotes.signtext"
COLORS_FEED = "sign-quotes.signcolor"

quotes = []
colors = []
last_color = None
last_quote = None

def update_data():
    print("Updating data from Adafruit IO")
    matrixportal.set_text("Connecting", 1)

        quotes_data = matrixportal.get_io_data(QUOTES_FEED)
        for json_data in quotes_data:
            quotes.append(matrixportal.network.json_traverse(json_data, ["value"]))
    # pylint: disable=broad-except
    except Exception as error:

        color_data = matrixportal.get_io_data(COLORS_FEED)
        for json_data in color_data:
            colors.append(matrixportal.network.json_traverse(json_data, ["value"]))
    # pylint: disable=broad-except
    except Exception as error:

    if not quotes or not colors:
        raise RuntimeError("Please add at least one quote and color to your feeds")
    matrixportal.set_text(" ", 1)

last_update = time.monotonic()
matrixportal.set_text(" ", 1)
quote_index = None
color_index = None

while True:
    # Choose a random quote from quotes
    if len(quotes) > 1 and last_quote is not None:
        while quote_index == last_quote:
            quote_index = random.randrange(0, len(quotes))
        quote_index = random.randrange(0, len(quotes))
    last_quote = quote_index

    # Choose a random color from colors
    if len(colors) > 1 and last_color is not None:
        while color_index == last_color:
            color_index = random.randrange(0, len(colors))
        color_index = random.randrange(0, len(colors))
    last_color = color_index

    # Set the quote text

    # Set the text color

    # Scroll it

    if time.monotonic() > last_update + UPDATE_DELAY:
        last_update = time.monotonic()

And in the terminal/serial monitor of Mu, I get the following message after saving the code and resetting:
Code: Select all | TOGGLE FULL SIZE
Feed key must contain lower case English letters, numbers, and dash.
Feed key must contain lower case English letters, numbers, and dash.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "code.py", line 68, in <module>
  File "code.py", line 64, in update_data
RuntimeError: Please add at least one quote and color to your feeds

Code done running.
Auto-reload is on. Simply save files over USB to run them or enter REPL to disable.

Press any key to enter the REPL. Use CTRL-D to reload.

And it looks like an obvious problem, but I followed the Adafruit IO guide to the letter, so my feed names are correctly formatted with just lowercase letters and a single dash, and I have a few quotes and a few colors. I've triple-checked that my IO username and key are correct, and that everything is set up properly on my IO page, and it still isn't working.
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Re: Trouble getting MatrixPortal to connect

by brubell on Wed May 05, 2021 11:17 am

Please upgrade your CircuitPython Adafruit IO library to the latest version on: https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_Ci ... O/releases

We just fixed a bug which people were having with Grouped feeds.

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Re: Trouble getting MatrixPortal to connect

by qarlwithaq on Thu May 06, 2021 12:45 pm

That fixed it! Thanks so much!
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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.