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Feather / bluetooth connection questions
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Feather / bluetooth connection questions

by KarenBrowett on Tue May 11, 2021 7:24 am

Hi, Im wondering if someone can help me out to get to the final stage of a project. First off, Im a multi-media artist with no experience in electronics, maker projects, programming etc before this project, so I know there are video tutorials about this but unfortunately they are over my head, so Im looking for some practical advice for a novice to help me get to a point where I can keep learning from my project!

So I designed a dress which is decorated with some embroidered shapes using conductive thread that all hook up to a Bare Conductive Touch Pad concealed in the dress. The embroidered shapes are my sensors, and Ive set up the BC micro controller as a midi controller. Currently the micro controller is connected via a 5m cable to my iPad and through various DAWS, virtual synths, sequencers and other audio applications Ive been making performative musical compositions where all audio is created by dancing or moving and touching my body while wearing the dress.

Long story short, being connected to the ipad via a wire limits my movement and it was recommended that the bluetooth possibilities of the project might be best served by adding a Bluefruit Feather LE of some sort. Ive been researching here for a few weeks and it looks like this is the answer, however I honestly don't have the level of understanding to know if thats the case. Furthermore, I have absolutely zero understanding of how to connect a feather to a micro-controller. The data sheets mean absolutely nothing to me, and ive never even used a breadboard before, and I have low level beginner soldering experience but need it spelt out to me what goes where and what parts I need to buy.

I know, im a nightmare client, but if someone has the patience to tell me if one of the LE feathers is what will work for this project, and what I might need along with it to marry it to what Im using, Im very good at patiently following instructions and testing things once I know where to start haha I have googled the house down searching for tutorials online that combine Adafruit Bluefruit Feather LE with Bare Conductive Touch Board functioning as a midi controller for music applications on IOS but I have found absolutely nothing so any and all help is hugely appreciated!!! Ive been trying to find my way in to maker discussions online but I cant find my route of entry as someone who has learned a lot, self taught, and invented some mad things for my exhibition work, but who doesn't yet know the language and advanced theories of electronics and code, Im just clicking wildly between sort of websites with childrens tutorials for potato clocks and then things for highly advanced circuitry or highly involved robots and Im floating around the middle wondering how to attach a bluetooth module to my controller plz point me somewhere if you are able ;)

thanks so much for reading!
Heres a sample of the dress Im using set up as a dance triggered midi controller for garageband on IOS. Im hoping to be able to do performance like this in gallery settings without being attached via a cable to the iPad itself so I hope Bluefruit Feather LE is my solution <3

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Re: Feather / bluetooth connection questions

by adafruit_support_mike on Wed May 12, 2021 3:35 pm

KarenBrowett wrote:I know, im a nightmare client

Just the opposite.. you're a beginner, but you know that and seem willing to learn. You don't become a nightmare until you start telling the folks with experience that they're wrong based on your own lack of knowledge. ;-P

Everyone starts as a beginner, and like any other field there's some learning curve. We've done a lot of prep to help make things more beginner-friendly though.

We have several BLE MIDI controller projects over in the Learning System: ... controller ... g-ble-midi

The most important non-obvious detail is that the specific microcontroller board isn't too important. Lots of boards support BLE, but have different collections of other features. We know those, and can help steer you to the ones that are most likely to match the things you need.

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