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Feed Status

by fmbfla on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:08 pm

Hello again,
jwcooper, I know you are very busy with the Adafruit IO site and are looking for some input on debugging, But I thought of something that I have on my Wunderground site that is very useful yet static. WU has a " Status:" Text box that can contain a 300 character or smaller "Status message" Is this something you can implement in the AIO?, I think it could be a nice addition to the Awesome werk that you and crew have already completed.
This could be set to automatically updated via the user code or be set "static" via the dashboard to allow viewers to know when the latest update was done or to let the visitor know that a hardware/software upgrade/downgrade was/were done

I.E. Status: Updated.. 1 hour ago/5 minutes ago/5 seconds ago @ 12:52:09 /ZULU./EST./CT./MT./PT....ETC.ETC... (LIVE)

I.E. Status: Error IO device not reporting Check internet connection/IO device Please Press "re-boot" to restart IO device (LIVE)

I.E. Status: Error IO device clock sync out of range (IO device time not in sync with IO site), Possible power outage, Please Press "re-sync" button to correct (LIVE)

I.E. Status: Recent upgrades include the addition of a SI1145 uv sensor (STATIC)

I.E. Status: Updated the sketch to include solar radiation readings with a resolution of w/m2 (STATIC)

This is just a thought as I use the same sensors -N- basic sketch for my WU account and the "STATUS" feature is very nice to have but the WU version is STATIC.

The AIO site is an awesome project and you should be proud to be apart of it.
what you do you do for the love of what you do.
what you end up with is something you loved doing and got payed to do it.

Keep up the good werk and keep coding :-)

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Re: Feed Status

by jwcooper on Fri Sep 11, 2015 2:29 pm

Thank you for the compliments, and the ideas.

We have the Text block now, which is a decent way to set a status by the user. You can just create a "status" feed, and send updates to it. It will always show the last message.

We're also working on a block that will show a stream, and history of data for up to 5 feeds at a time. That should be released soon.

A changelog for IO is something we need. We have a changelog in the Adafruit IO guide, but it's not updated, and not easily found within IO. We'll figure out something for that too.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.