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Unreliable connection
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Unreliable connection

by krambriw on Sat Feb 20, 2016 10:52 am


I experience frequently that it is unreliable to connect. The Python script below verifies that several retries sometimes are needed to get a successful connection

Kind regards, Walter

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from Adafruit_IO import MQTTClient
import time

def connected(client):
    print client.is_connected()
    global started
    global cntr
    started = True
    cntr = 0

def disconnected(client):
    print client.is_connected()
    del client

def message(client, feed_id, payload):
    msg = feed_id
    pl = payload
    print msg, pl

def goConnect():
    # Create a MQTT client instance.
    client = MQTTClient(adafruitUser, adafruitIOkey)

    # Setup the callback functions defined above.
    client.on_connect    = connected
    client.on_disconnect = disconnected
    client.on_message    = message
    # Connect to the Adafruit IO server and start subscribing.
    return client

adafruitUser = 'user'
adafruitIOkey = 'iokey'
adafruitFeedId = 'mytest'
cntr = 0
started = False

while not started:
    client = goConnect()
    if cntr > 0:
        print 'Retry: ', cntr
    cntr += 1

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.