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Feather M0 Express + MusicMaker issues
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Feather M0 Express + MusicMaker issues

by LemonadeMan on Sat Nov 27, 2021 1:58 am


I have been using the Feather M0 and the Music Maker hat together, and I have run into a couple problems I would like some clarification on if anyone has it.

First, when the Music Maker is attached the reading from the A7 voltage divider on the feather is always reading 1023. This results in the Voltage formula always outputting 6.59 volts, which is not possible on batteries that max out at 4.2v. Would anyone know the cause of this and how I might fix it?

Second, is that I am unable to read the battery pin and play music at the same time, as the music maker uses pin 9 for VS1053_DREQ, while the battery seems to have A7 and pin 9 on the same rail. I assume that the crash is a result of too much data being sent on the same pin perhaps? If I try and use other pins for VS1053_DREQ, sound files either do not play, or sound highly distored and sped up. Is there any way to overcome this? Or should I make extra sure to be calling the A7 pin independantly of playing music? My goal is to have the screen update the battery percentage with an audio que.

Thanks a bunch!

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.