4/110 FM4Es not "booting"
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4/110 FM4Es not "booting"

by ericwertz on Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:10 am

I originally sent this information to support@adafruit.com thinking that it was more of a sales support question, but they asked me to bring it over here -- so here I am!


I got a batch of 110 Feather boards as part of order <censored> on 7/31, and I soldered all of their headers on them myself late last week. I just started packaging-up course kits for some of our students tomorrow and wasn't even going to test them (because, hey, it's Adafruit!), but decided at the last minute to do so anyways.
Unfortunately, four of the boards don't start-up. One board has a USB connector that's smashed-shut enough that I cannot insert a cable head into it. It also looks like it's not seated into the board quite as nicely as usual (which may be the result of the pick-and-place not being able to place the pre-damaged part?).
The other three boards don't get to the point where there's any activity on the NeoPixel. Both the yellow and red LEDs come on and stay on continuously when plugged into USB, and just stay that way. The board doesn't seem to USB-identify because the Win10 Device Manager doesn't even twitch when each is plugged-in.
Since I don't know how the boards would act before factory-programming, I can't tell if they managed to skirt programming, or if there's a hardware problem with them. If this can be remedied by programming, I do have a v-irgin J-Link Edu that I can subject them to -- but I'd need to be told exactly what the programming steps are. I can probably deal with test points just fine.
Since there are enough boards that may make sense sending them back, I can definitely do that if that's what you'd like. Since I'm likely buying more of these in the next two weeks or so, I could either take replacements with that shipment, a credit, or whatever else makes sense.
Please let me what you'd like me to do next -- reprogram, return, etc.
BTW, 3-4 of the headers were also broken when they arrived but I had plenty of my own, so that wasn't a problem in and of itself -- but may be an indication that being shipped in a pouch is potentially a root cause.


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Re: 4/110 FM4Es not "booting"

by ericwertz on Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:09 pm

Yeah, pics or it didn't happen... :-)

side view of crushed USB connector
FM4E-munchedUSB-sideview.jpg (447.94 KiB) Viewed 49 times

front view of board with crushed USB head
FM4E-munchedUSB-frontview.jpg (359.29 KiB) Viewed 49 times

The USB connector above is probably seated properly although it originally didn't -- it's just that it looks pitched-forward because it's crunched.

Not much to see in this one -- the picture is the video. This is all I get on the upper three boards (the lower on is the board with the munched connector)
persistent state of the three non-booting boards
FM4E-unbootable-800.jpg (82.89 KiB) Viewed 49 times

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Re: 4/110 FM4Es not "booting"

by franklin97355 on Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:51 pm

OK, Please contact support@adafruit.com with a link to this topic and your order number and they will get you four replacements. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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