FT232H with BNO08X I2C
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FT232H with BNO08X I2C

by ashrob on Wed Jun 16, 2021 7:25 pm

I am trying to receive data from a BNO08X 9-DOF IMU through I2C. It is connected to a FT232H with a Stemma Qt Connector, and the FT232H is connected to a linux computer via USB. I have followed the tutorials for both the FT232H and BNO08X and have installed all necessary libraries for using CircuitPython. When I run the sample code for the BNO08X, I keep receiving the error ' pyftdi.i2c.I2cNackError: NACK from slave'. which is occurring at the line 'bno=BNO08X_I2C(i2c)'. I have also tried lowering the frequency value in the line 'i2c = busio.I2C(board.SCL, board.SDA, frequency=800000)' and tested different values such as 400000 and 5000 but I keep receiving the NACK error. Does the FT232H need to have pullup resistors or is there a specific frequency that will work for this setup?

Code I am using:
import time
import board
import busio
import adafruit_bno08x
from adafruit_bno08x.i2c import BNO08X_I2C

i2c = busio.I2C(board.SCL, board.SDA, frequency=800000)
bno = BNO08X_I2C(i2c)

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Re: FT232H with BNO08X I2C

by mikeysklar on Thu Jun 17, 2021 2:38 pm

I have seen issues with the BNO085 working with the FT232H. I don't think that combo is going to work out using I2C or SPI. You should be able to see the address with a scanner, but that is probably the extent of it.


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