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Beginners decision
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Beginners decision

by Rcayot on Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:05 am

Boy oh boy, am I frustrated! Okay, began with RPi-4 and began learning Python. Many very good tutorials out there. Lots of well organized tutorials, that are both Python centric, and Pi centric. So I decided that for some of my projects, it might be better to have a microcontroller board as an alternative or in addition to my Pi. I bought a Metro M4! One reason was the CircuitPython capability. Well, I am finding out that CP is not as well supported with documentation, or organized tutorials as I had hoped. My problem is just this: do I stick it out with CP, ot just go with the Arduino IDE? While I am a beginner, I am retired, science person, and want something challenging to keep me occupied n winter months. A well organized tutorial for CP would help a lot. While I have found several tutorials about CP features and libraries, they are not well organized, nor do they even necessarily link to each other. This is just some feedback I thought you guys and gals here aught to have.

Roger Ayotte

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Re: Beginners decision

by MAUX on Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:26 am

Hi Roger

I am also interested in electronic projects, uControllers and CP specially since i was learning and practicing a little python some time ago and I really liked it. I also note that there are many pieces of information but somehow not very well connected and of course very focused on commercial products.

My question is about your experience 5 months after your post. I am trying to understand if there are enough hardware specific libraries supporting the metro M4 board, i have seen some examples that show some libraries working but i wonder if you have tried this yourself and how that turned on for you. Have you tried shields on your M4 from adafruit and/or others?

When i go to the libraries section on CP page and check some of their descriptions, it only mention playground express and a few others, but the latest release of CP mention a LOT of boards supported: i'm just confused about what support means and how can i tell which libraries work for metro m4 express.

I really don't want to go for the c++ learning curve or the Arduino IDE since i'm not done with the python one and i like that one better!

Thank you

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Re: Beginners decision

by Rcayot on Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:50 pm

Wow, did not expect a reply this late.

I will tell you, that i did the Arduino thing until about the beginning of June.

I am happy with the amount of support I got for C++ on the Arduino site. I am also worried that there are going to be a lot of accessories that will have CP only libraries.

I have recently started some helpful Python tutorials. The focus of those, however is far from physical computing though. Many of the examples set up as code examples are just too simple to be of much help beyond getting an LED to blink or a servo to move. There are tutorials on some advanced topics but they are of limited value as they are pretty focusesd on a project. I have been fairly successful making functions in Python, and have tried to get into classes with both Arduino and CP. My goal is to be able to write some classes.

My goal is two fold. One is to be able to make "bling" for my nieces such as wearable that will light up to music, or dance movement.

The second, and related, is a Christmas lights display using rgb leds.

Lastly, i am interested in making a few projects that require wireless such as a weather station, or a camera monitor on my bird feeder.

The blingy thing is coming along very well, have not tried the wireless yet.

I have not yet bought any hats, wings etc. I am about to order some neopixels, a flora, a gemma, and maybe a CP Express.


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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.