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MU not recognizing boards
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MU not recognizing boards

by pbonfert on Wed Mar 04, 2020 2:19 pm


I am having a recurring issue with all of my Metro-series boards in that mu editor does not recognize that there is a device plugged in (even though it shows up as a drive on my Mac). I can, however, enter the REPL via mu in this circumstance and so mu is perfectly capable of talking to the board. It is just refusing to edit any files. I have updated to the newest version of CircuitPython, have also erased and redone the filesystem and everything else I could think of (including reinstalling mu).

Here is another experiment I did: I switched to Python3 mode before exiting mu. Then, upon restarting mu, it said "Detected a new Adafruit CircuitPython device. Would you like to change Mu to the Adafruit CircuitPython mode?" I selected "OK" but then again received the message "Could not find an attached Adafruit CiruitPython device".

Below is the mu log from this latest experiment:

2020-03-04 13:15:41,727 - root:112(run) INFO:


Starting Mu 1.0.3
2020-03-04 13:15:41,727 - root:113(run) INFO: uname_result(system='Darwin', node='t2393', release='19.3.0', version='Darwin Kernel Version 19.3.0: Thu Jan 9 20:58:23 PST 2020; root:xnu-6153.81.5~1/RELEASE_X86_64', machine='x86_64', processor='i386')
2020-03-04 13:15:41,727 - root:114(run) INFO: Python path: ['/Applications/', '/Applications/', '/Applications/', '/Applications/', '/Applications/', '/Applications/', '/Applications/', '/Applications/']
2020-03-04 13:15:41,727 - root:115(run) INFO: Language code: en_US
2020-03-04 13:15:41,956 - mu.logic:543(__init__) INFO: Setting up editor.
2020-03-04 13:15:41,956 - mu.logic:562(__init__) INFO: Settings path: /Users/dz00762/Library/Application Support/mu/settings.json
2020-03-04 13:15:41,956 - mu.logic:563(__init__) INFO: Session path: /Users/dz00762/Library/Application Support/mu/session.json
2020-03-04 13:15:41,956 - mu.logic:564(__init__) INFO: Log directory: /Users/dz00762/Library/Logs/mu
2020-03-04 13:15:41,956 - mu.logic:565(__init__) INFO: Data directory: /Users/dz00762/Library/Application Support/mu
2020-03-04 13:15:41,968 - mu.logic:578(setup) INFO: Available modes: python, adafruit, microbit, debugger, pygamezero
2020-03-04 13:15:42,099 - mu.logic:1150(change_mode) INFO: Workspace directory: /Users/dz00762/mu_code
2020-03-04 13:15:42,100 - mu.logic:627(restore_session) INFO: Restoring session from: /Users/dz00762/Library/Application Support/mu/session.json
2020-03-04 13:15:42,100 - mu.logic:628(restore_session) DEBUG: {'theme': 'day', 'mode': 'python', 'paths': [], 'envars': [], 'minify': False, 'microbit_runtime': '', 'zoom_level': 2}
2020-03-04 13:15:42,100 - mu.logic:649(restore_session) INFO: Loaded files.
2020-03-04 13:15:42,100 - mu.logic:653(restore_session) INFO: User defined environment variables: []
2020-03-04 13:15:42,100 - mu.logic:657(restore_session) INFO: Minify scripts on micro:bit? False
2020-03-04 13:15:42,121 - mu.logic:680(restore_session) INFO: Starting with blank file.
2020-03-04 13:15:42,132 - mu.logic:1150(change_mode) INFO: Workspace directory: /Users/dz00762/mu_code
2020-03-04 13:15:42,970 - mu.interface.main:751(show_confirmation) DEBUG: Detected new Adafruit CircuitPython device.
2020-03-04 13:15:42,970 - mu.interface.main:752(show_confirmation) DEBUG: Would you like to change Mu to the Adafruit CircuitPython mode?
2020-03-04 13:15:45,005 - mu.interface.main:723(show_message) DEBUG: Could not find an attached Adafruit CircuitPython device.
2020-03-04 13:15:45,005 - mu.interface.main:724(show_message) DEBUG: Python files for Adafruit CircuitPython devices are stored on the device. Therefore, to edit these files you need to have the device plugged in. Until you plug in a device, Mu will use the directory found here:

/Users/dz00762/mu_code store your code.
2020-03-04 13:15:46,797 - mu.logic:1150(change_mode) INFO: Workspace directory: /Users/dz00762/mu_code
2020-03-04 13:15:49,591 - mu.logic:1077(show_admin) INFO: Showing logs from /Users/dz00762/Library/Logs/mu/mu.log

What else could I try? Thanks!

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Re: MU not recognizing boards

by adafruit_support_mike on Mon Mar 16, 2020 3:44 am

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