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ItsyBitsy nRF5280
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ItsyBitsy nRF5280

by smashup on Mon Nov 29, 2021 2:38 pm

Hey, I am currently using Itsy Bitsy nRF5280, and I am using the following code below to output a signal. It works but the only issue here is that when the ItsyBitsy nRF5280 is powered, it takes about three seconds to finally output the signal. How can I reduce the time it take to output the digital signal right after turning on the ItsyBitsy nRF5280.
I have not added any delay that would cause the three second delay at the beginning; therefore, the three second delay after the power on is internal to ItsyBitsy nRF5280.
What can I do to reduce the three second delay after turning it on.

import time
import board
import pwmio

Trig1 = pwmio.PWMOut(board.D10, frequency=10, duty_cycle=20000)

while True:

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Re: ItsyBitsy nRF5280

by dastels on Mon Nov 29, 2021 6:50 pm

The code seems to have been clipped off.

Regardless, there's always going to be some startup time with a CircuitPython application. The CircuitPython runtime has to start up, your code has to be loaded and compiled, and the imported libraries/modules need to be loaded.

The ultimate way to speed thing up is to switch to C++.


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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.