MiniMqtt error message.
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MiniMqtt error message.

by ppespepe on Mon Apr 05, 2021 8:14 pm

Hello everybody,

I'm learning how to connect to a local MQTT server but I'm receiving the following error:

code.py output:
Connecting to WiFi...
Attempting to connect to
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "code.py", line 85, in <module>
File "adafruit_minimqtt/adafruit_minimqtt.py", line 441, in connect
File "adafruit_minimqtt/adafruit_minimqtt.py", line 275, in _get_connect_socket
RuntimeError: Repeated socket failures

Code done running.

Adafruit CircuitPython 6.1.0 on 2021-01-21; Adafruit Metro M4 Airlift Lite with samd51j19

Lines 85 & 86:
print("Attempting to connect to %s" % client.broker)

Some other MQTT lines in case are needed:
# Initialize MQTT interface with the esp interface
MQTT.set_socket(socket, esp)

# Set up a MiniMQTT Client
client = MQTT.MQTT(
broker=secrets["broker"], username=secrets["user"], password=secrets["pass"]

But it happens exactly the same when I try on of the examples. I'm running a M4 Express Airlift Lite. The local MQTT server is working and has no authentication.

Below the imported libraries and the basic SPI setup:

# Write your code here :-)
import board
import busio
import time
# Display Libraries:
import displayio
from adafruit_display_text import label
from adafruit_bitmap_font import bitmap_font
from adafruit_st7735r import ST7735R
# WiFi and MQTT
import neopixel
from digitalio import DigitalInOut
from adafruit_esp32spi import adafruit_esp32spi
from adafruit_esp32spi import adafruit_esp32spi_wifimanager
import adafruit_esp32spi.adafruit_esp32spi_socket as socket
import adafruit_minimqtt.adafruit_minimqtt as MQTT
# SPI Display & WiFi setup
spi = board.SPI()
tft_cs = board.D5
tft_dc = board.D6
esp32_cs = DigitalInOut(board.ESP_CS)
esp32_ready = DigitalInOut(board.ESP_BUSY)
esp32_reset = DigitalInOut(board.ESP_RESET)

I do have a SPI color screen attached to the SPI bus and a multi sensor attached to I2C using the SCL and SDA ports on the M4. It is actually being able to connect to WiFi so I suspect is not something I did wrong with the SPI Bus.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.