Gemma and Bluefruit w/MakeCode?
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Gemma and Bluefruit w/MakeCode?

by gallaugher on Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:28 pm

Hi, very excited about the TopSecrets that have show Bluefruit and CPX. I’ve got some Floras and Bluefruits and used the Sparkleskirt as a model to build a new start-of-school year neck tie with six neopixels where I can let students change colors using the Bluefruit app. (Seems like one student will need to disconnect before others can try to connect). Right now I’m using an Arduino sketch on the Flora with Bluefruit added. I’d love to use MakeCode and CircuitPython since I introduce these in class. Some Qs:
- CircuitPython does not work on Flora, correct?
- I’ve noticed a makecode version for Gemma at https://maker.makecode.com/boards/adafruit-gemma-m0but but I haven’t seen a way to link this to the Bluefruit app. Does MakeCode work with the Bluefruit app?
- Is it possible to add a bluefruit to the Gemma and use another pin to control lights and use the CircuitPython 4 libraries to control a Gemma powered neopixel tie over the bluefruit app?
- I know I can rig a CPX to a Bluefruit. If I do this is there a way to MakeCode to Bluefruit or would CircuitPython be my only nonarduino option.
Thx! J

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Re: Gemma and Bluefruit w/MakeCode?

by johnpark on Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:27 pm

Fun project! There isn't a Bluetooth extension in Maker.MakeCode currently for the Gemma M0, and I don't believe there's any Bluetooth LE breakout that could be connected to it, for lack of UART or SPI connection pins.

The most straightforward route currently using CircuitPython is probably one of the Bluetooth Feather boards.

Hopefully, there will be Bluetooth support in MakeCode for the upcoming Circuit Playground Express Bluetooth and this will get easier!

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.