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MQTT support for the Clue Pyloton?
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MQTT support for the Clue Pyloton?

by Peter_Gamma on Fri Mar 26, 2021 2:57 am

The Pyloton is a open source bike computer with a great potential. As far as I know, it should also run on Linux phones and Linux watches:


The marked leader Garmin limits data access to it s watches by a proprietary .fit file format. Sport sensor data can be synchronized to Garmin connect, but user access to these data is limited and controlled by Garmin. Data can only be exported as .csv format.

This problem could be solved by MQTT support for sport sensor devices. An example is the Polar Sensor Logger app, developed by Jukka Happonen, Senior Specialist at Polar Electro Oy Research Center. MQTT is a contemporary live-streaming solution with support for Matlab, Python, Influx dataDB, Grafana and other applications. There is an InfluxDB client for MATLAB and Python available, for easy data processing in Matlab and Python.

Integration of MQTT in the Clue Pyloton would be very helpful. MQTT support for all sport sensor devices , to put all sensor data into one influx database. This should be the standard. And every athelete should be free to choose the application of this choice for his data analysis.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.