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Macs with PCI on a proprietary connector
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Macs with PCI on a proprietary connector

by _iCeb0x_ on Thu Sep 09, 2010 2:01 pm

Hello, people!

I have a very simple project, but very hard to put in practice...

Latest Apple computers (MacBooks, Minis, etc.) have the wireless NIC (Airport Card) on a proprietary connector. Apple System Profiler says the card is on the PCIe bus. Earlier models had a PCIe Mini Card slot, so I think Apple just changed the connector to save a little space and, maybe, make projects like this a lot more difficult! :D

I sourced the connector and it's made by SMK (look here).

I want to make an adapter board that will replace the wireless card with a PCIe 1x connector. Yes, a riser card. Ultimately, I want to make a cheap server with dual ethernet and 3.5" hard disks on a rackmountable case. I am going to use an old ethernet switch case...

My problem: I need find out the signals and pins.

My questions: besides a good multimeter, what else do I need? As a newbie, should I go for a project like this?

I am not really experienced with electronics. My soldering skills allow me to make audio and serial cables, fix old PCBs, mount through-hole components... You get the idea.

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