Generator for a gyroscopic exercise
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Generator for a gyroscopic exercise

by Devlove__ on Fri Jul 01, 2022 10:40 am

Have you seen a Powerball? Dynabee? Gyro ball? They are handheld gyroscopic exercise devices that generate resistance force seemingly from nowhere using the force of angular momentum. Some of them make their own power for internal LED with spinning coils across magnets.

My invention uses the same force of angular momentum to create a 360 dynamic resistance force but the way it works is totally different with a patented system of gears and clutches to convert its movement into rotational energy. I'm using the rotation to generate electricity with a set of magnets and coils same as the Powerball.

I don't understand electricity enough to know the best choices how to make this work. I'm getting enough power to light my LED but now I want to power an Arduino Nano that would control the LED to show the power level of the exercise resistance. I have a Powerboost 1000 basic from Adafruit to supply an even 5v power from the variable voltage coming from the coils ranging from 2-6 volts.

I'm using half-wave with all the magnets facing same direction to avoid the voltage drop of a bridge rectifier so the Arduino will run while the rotor is at low speed.

Should there be a diode or capacitor somewhere between my coils to smooth out power delivery?

I haven't figured out if there is a way to connect both the battery and the charging coils to the Powerboost. I would like it to use the power from the coils to run the Arduino and charge the battery while the machine is running then use the battery to provide power out through the USB to charge my phone while it's not running.

I would like to have the Arduino turn on/off automatically by connecting power from the coil to the enable pin on the Powerboost. I think I need to connect the coils to the battery terminals on the Powerboost so do I need to install a separate charge regulator between the power out and the battery?

Can I connect the wires from the coils directly to the Powerboost of should I install a capacitor somewhere?

Making this invention is the most important thing I've ever done with my life and I really appreciate your time helping figure out how to make this work :-)

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Re: Generator for a gyroscopic exercise

by adafruit_support_mike on Fri Jul 01, 2022 8:24 pm

The PowerBoost is designed to work with a LiPo battery. A generator won't be able to provide the kind of input power it needs with the correct timing.

That isn't necessarily bad. You can use the generator to charge a LiPo, then let the LiPo smooth out power to the PowerBoost. Doing so would require a circuit to convert the generator output to the kind of DC power a LiPo charger wants.

Since you mentioned a patent, I assume you're working on a commercial project. Under those conditions your best bet is to hire a consulting engineer on a work-for-hire basis. That way you can establish ownership of the work products, and let the engineer tune the electronics to the mechanical system without putting your IP at risk.

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