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Need a Simblee replacement
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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by oldpapa2003 on Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:45 am

Ok Mike,

I'm at work and I was knew about that incident.

The wireless foot switch does not regulate the control of the radiation of any system. We just close a switch to allow it to x-ray.
We replace a mechanical switch with an electronic switch. This makes the units 501K (Think that is the one).
Thanks for your concern about the issue of control. You are right if we where making the radiation part and trying to regulate the mAs and KVp of the machine.
That is under control of the machine itself.
However, the manufacture will scan its inputs (switches in this case) for any possible malfunction during its boot. The only one that can show up is a closure of a switch
during the boot. If that is the case, the machine will display an error of the situation and will not allow any control of any x-rays. That is because a mechanical switch
can fail or if something has press the pedal or switch during boot. So it has to be cleared.

This good you brought this up.. We humans are a creature of habit and sometimes fall into old habits.
The hard thing about this is the control of the switch (Solid State Relays in this case). The closure part is in the low millamps (They control an ISO_optic device).
So no mechanical closure here or arcing contacts.
Someone suggested that we limit the closure of the switch to a time limit. Sorry, you can't. The doctor controls the time. If he is inside the heart and placing a stent and we
shut off the control of the x-ray, we are at fault. The control is suppose to be endless. But, that being said, the x-ray machine will alert the users of a time has been reached
for exposure. GE/OEC C-arms (usually the ones you see on TV) have a warning beep at 5 mins. Its a sound only. It does not stop x-rays.
So you can get over expose just by a procedure. Radiation via X-ray machine does not go away. I had to explain why my badge had a high exposure. Left it in my laptop bag
through security. Had to say the date and airport. I then just showed it to the TSA after that. Some never knew what it was.

But I can go on on this for sometime..

I now need a watchdog ... I'm sure it has one.. I will look at nordic.. maybe its mention. I can not see why they don't.

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by adafruit_support_mike on Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:37 pm

It sounds like you have an appropriate safety standard in place, and if the X-ray machine itself is safely regulated it reduces the constraints on your own device.

I think you could still benefit from a state-machine control model though. That's a natural way to map processes to decisions at each stage in the process.

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by oldpapa2003 on Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:57 am

Well the steps that I have completed are (so far):

Pairing at the manufacture level. Select if 1 or 2 device (HS/FS)
This blocks out any device if it does not match the MAC Address. I know bonding has been done as well via the BLE. I compared stored MACs using the file IO.

A really fast timeout if lost of signal from the sender. Fast than the callback disconnect.. I think 60 ms.. was 130 ms.. Its fast.. So when this happens all relays drop connection.

The last thing is a WDT for both. Trying to find it in the commands and how to use it. 1st priority is the Receiver.. 2nd the FS/HS.

So far the receiver sits around 1300 lines and the FS/HS code is around 550 lines.

Of course some of it are remarks.. and Serial.prints so I know what is happening.

Also LEDs on the receiver to represent SSR's and of course Battery Levels, BT signal active and all.

So from the 1st post for help, it has been a good..

Oh, one more sequence of the ARM and Engage or acquire X-ray. 2 step process that some machines use for actual producing
a higher energy exposure to film and not fluoro to a monitor.

1 press ARMS the machine.. This allows the system to build energy for mAs (Fluoro is mA) Meaning millAmps per Second. Built in timeout in machine.
Taking an x-ray difference between a skinny person and a fat person. The X-Ray tech would measure from the film to the top of the area for exposure.
Refer to a chart to set mAs.
And kVp Kilovolts pulse. This is between 40 kV to 120 kVp (some AC line systems go to 115 kVp only) Its like the brightness on the monitor.
All of this is in the machine. I just make a contact closure.
I use to calibrate these machines.. It was a process I have to say.

So the next pedal press or button (same pedal or button) causes the Engage or Acquire X-ray.
This will only last for x-time.. The mAa and the kVp producing a time of expose to get the image on film. I use to see Timeouts which was the mAs never was enuf. (or kvp)

The rules are..
In Arm, you need a time out. The machine has it own timeout for ARM. A wired foot switch or Handset will Arm with just a press of the switch on the 1st switch level and hold it..
Pressing further down on the pedal (or button) engages a second switch which is the Engage or Acquire (depends on the system call out).

Wireless the signal just sends a code and goes away.
So I need to latch 1 relay in the 1st send and then engage the 2nd relay on the next.

So the 1st send is ARM.
If I do not press again in lets say 9 secs, drop the ARM in the receiver. So the receiver has to timeout on that ARM relay.
If I decided to tap fast to disArm with in the 9 secs. Drop the ARM relay on the tap. Do Not engage the ENGAGE relay!

The 2nd send is Engage.
If within 9 secs I press the pedal or button to do the Engage with the ARM relay engage. So ARM and Engage relays are operated. No Timeout.. The machine will do it.
You let the machine timeout.. If you release it produce early termination of x-ray and the film image can be bad.
Some machines will use this a Flouro. In this case, machine just x-rays when the relays are closed.

Kind of the same process for a actual pedal or button, but they will have 2 switches.. 1st switch ARM, press further is Engage.

So that is my last step to finish the program. The Simblee did not have the last step.. Was just added recently..

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by adafruit_support_mike on Sat Apr 06, 2019 2:11 am

State machine code will give you the option to have what amounts to a custom loop() function for each set of operating conditions:

Code: Select all | TOGGLE FULL SIZE
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>

typedef enum {
} State_name;

void setup();
void loop();
void idle();
void arm();
void engage();

State_name State = IDLE;

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
   for ( int i=30 ; i ; i-- ) {

void setup () {
   srand( time( NULL ) );

void loop () {
   switch ( State ) {
      case IDLE    : idle() ; break;
      case ARM     : arm() ; break;
      case ENGAGE  : engage() ; break;

void idle () {
   printf( "idle state\n" );
   State = (( rand() % 10 ) < 5 ) ? ARM : State;

void arm () {
   printf( "arm state\n" );
   State = (( rand() % 10 ) < 5 ) ? ENGAGE : State;
   State = (( rand() %  9 ) < 3 ) ? IDLE : State;

void engage () {
   printf( "engage state\n" );
   State = (( rand() % 10 ) < 5 ) ? IDLE : State;
The toy version above just hops from one state to another at random, but you could flesh out each of the idle(), arm(), and engage() functions by checking input, watching timers, and so on.

The state functions make it easier to focus on a specific task than a big collection of nested-if statements.

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by oldpapa2003 on Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:33 am

Just got to work, I will look over the code..

I need this in the receiver part I think. So it has to be grabbed when the BT signal arrives.

That's the problem I'm facing.

I think it is..

Thanks for the info mike.. I prob be swapping out some RN42N's for RN42's Someone said the RN42N's where a good sub for the RN42's Nope, no antenna.

After which I will get back on the code.

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by oldpapa2003 on Thu Apr 11, 2019 12:32 pm

White should be the center pin on the control.
Outside RED is Vcc
Other outside is BLACK gnd

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by EN on Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:21 pm

Adafruit admin,

Simblee chip and platform was very easy to program and its super easy way of deploying GUI onto iOS or android devices right from the Arduino IDE made it very useful and applicable (without the long process and learning hustle of iOS and android app programing). My question is, does/can your company consider picking it up (take ownership of simblee from the old company that no longer exist) and make it available again for the users? I don't know of any other comparable product that is as easy as simblee was when it comes to deploying GUI onto the phone with so much ease for BLE comm. So i wanted to ask if Adafruit can take ownership and bring it back.


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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by oldpapa2003 on Fri Aug 16, 2019 9:54 pm

On my. I will do my best to answer.
AMS who bought RFDigital will not sell the rights or give any info or libraries out. I tried and it was a flat no.
Adafruit has the nRF52840 in a module like the Simblee and is program via the rduino die.
I asked adafruit if I can flash their code onto other devices and it was ok to do so.
The Raytech chip they use is hard to get, but, other manufactures produce similar modules like Rigado Bmd340 and taiyo spelling and number could be wrong. Will correct.
But I have successfully worked the Simblee idea onto this type of device. Post more later

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by EN on Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:07 pm

Thank you sir for the information.
Looking forward to the additional info you'll be posting...

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by westfw on Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:16 pm

IIRC, the Simblee product involved a significant amount of code on the phone-side, was never open source, and hasn't shown any signs of appearing in the OSSW world as a result of discontinuation (always a nice feature, when companies do that with an abandoned product, IMO.) Nor any signs that the intellectual property is "for sale" :-(

There are a lot of "similar" products - most of the modules with BTLE support can at least theoretically do similar things, and there are several companies that offer "black box" phone/embedded connectivity (ie ) I think that was part of the problem: there were LOTS of BTLE modules offered by .... everyone, but little happened in the way of standardization of the APIs or communications layers. So, lots of incompatible vendors, none of whom were able to make it into the sort of highly profitable product that they wanted to be selling.

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Re: Need a Simblee replacement

by oldpapa2003 on Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:29 am

My use for the Simblee was between Simblee's. Basically a wireless foot switch function to control a device wireless.

I have converted the software IDE to use the Adafruit nRF52840 code. After I saw how the flow of the sketch went, I was able to adapt what I needed to the Adafruit sample sketches.
In fact, after awhile of testing and getting answers from here, I actually like it better. Better control of features that my sketch uses.

There is a disconnect timeout that I changed from 2 sec to 500 milliseconds. I can control 2 relays with a single button (Arm/Expose) after I learned that I can use external timers.
Like the Simblee, the reconnect once loss of BT signal is extremely fast. Our older product took nearly 30 secs.
I have a simple one way pairing, store mac address to compare. Store battery of the wireless units to warn of weak batteries if power on the receiver is re-applied.

The Adafruit uses Raytec MDBT50-Q module in their design, but, I have been able to flash Adafruits code into Rigado BMD-340 and Taiyo Yuden EYSKBNZWB modules.
I have issues with the Laird devices so far and have not gone back to see why.

I have converted all of our PCA's to use the Rigado due to the fact the Raytec can not be found in lots of quantities. Our 1st run will require 400 pcs for product of 100 units 4 BT for each system.

I'm now testing battery life of the Foot Switch unit using a CR-V3 battery. It has been 2 weeks and it is setting at 2.99V. Has been like this for 13 days. The battery started at 3.2V and leveled off at 3V. I have been using the device for testing features..

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.