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AM2320 using I2C_rev5 library
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AM2320 using I2C_rev5 library

by robrlstn on Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:24 pm

My AM2320 works using the wire commands and it works using the one wire protocol.

I moved the minimum basic code from the AM2320 library to a simple sketch to wake the sensor up and get the temperature data . The sensor works left on for many days. I'm looking at the data in the Arduino serial window although I did also hook it up to an Adafruit 4 digit backpack display.

BUT, I cannot figure out how to use a different I2C Library, the I2C_rev5. I have tried many ways to wake the sensor up and then send in the needed function code, what sensor register to start with, and how many bytes. Nothing works correctly. I cannot translate the functioning wire commands into I2C_rev5 commands.

I am using a Saleae logic probe to see what gets sent and what happens. I would prefer to use the I2C_rev5 library because that is what is being used by a Rheingold Heavy display and I want to use this sensor with all of the tutorial code, rather than convert all of his code to wire commands.

Has anyone successfully used this different I2C library?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.