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Fever Scanner Automation
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Fever Scanner Automation

by Jacquesvb on Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:30 am

I build a gate block program using this camera to block people from entering certain areas automatically.
I attached a raspberry zero to the uti165k and encased them together so that the uti165k can be angled to see the people's faces as they clock.
The raspberry pi works well for this and can control the gate access also.

Next step is to do facial recognition also, but my problem now is to figure out how to not only get the maximum and alarm temperature, but the temperature per pixel so that I can select different areas to monitor like just the face or to ignore hot sun baked panels.

If anyone knows how to get the temperature information I would like to know how.

I tried using the maximum temperature for the brightest part of the image and then stepping down the temperature at 0.1C steps as the brightness falls from 255 to 0.
Problem is this 0.1C differs depending on what is scanned and I can not find a minimum temperature to calculate the temperature more exactly.

Wish I can get my hands on a black body temperature device, because then I can calculate the temperature per pixel more exactly, making this uti165k even better than the more expensive devices.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Maybe even some advice for a cheap, but accurate black body plate or something that can generate accurate temperatures.

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.