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Arduino or Adafruit HUZZAH or Feather
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Arduino or Adafruit HUZZAH or Feather

by FeasK on Sat Jun 27, 2020 3:58 am


I'm currently on a personnal project and I've starded it with and Arduino Micro.
I discovered yesterday in a shop de Adafruit HUZZAH or the Feather Bluefruit types (M0 or the 32u4) but I don't know about them. So I checked on the website how they are and they seemed to me more interesting due to the fact they have integrated to the main board a WiFi or Bluetooth chip what is more practical for what I would like to do.

The thing is, they are looking more powerful than the Micro (specially the HUZZAH with his processor) but for the other ones I'm not so sure. So I come to you to get more information as possible like a comparison.

About my project, I would like to create an object we can control directly whenhe we have it in hands and also by distance by phone with an app. I would like also my main board can control some few elements like a screen (TFT or LCD between 2 of them I have actually), a ledbar graph, a neopixel read, some elements like IR detector or the battery and actually, with the arduino, I would like also use a ESP32 with camera but after discovered these modules, I would like to reconsiderate my project and see if I can do with one of these or even others. Unfortunately, I will loose the utilisation of the camera if I stop using the ESP32 with camera.

I also encountered a problem with the elements I'm using, my arduino is stuck during the process of the writting of the informations in the screen what is a bit a problem. I would like to get something able to do some other tasks at the same time to don't loose some information during one process. So at this time, everything is like in pause until the screen has finish so it's not like a instant control.

So I would like to know if the HUZZAH for example (look more promising for what I would like to do) could be a better option for my projet and/or if you have some ideas in purpose.

I hope I gave enough information about my problem and it can be understandable. Thank you if you have some advices and/or informations to give that can help me!

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.