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I need help creating a sensor array for an NSF experiment
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I need help creating a sensor array for an NSF experiment

by PsychDoc on Tue Aug 11, 2020 11:04 am

This will be a tad long. More info is better than guessing what someone is talking about so here it goes.

I am working on a National Science Foundation (NSF) experiment. The university I was working for laid me off due to the pandemic. I still have to complete my experiments and write my paper even though the university kept my grant money. I'm hoping your engineers can help me create this array.

I need to collect environmental data. Generally, RH relative humidity, temp, air pressure, static, EMF, sound waves/frequency detection and identification, movement of anything or anyone in the location, and a camera (IR or thermal) to record the movement.

So you say "Is that all?"

I have to download the data remotely and open it in Excel. I have been working on my research for more than ten years. I finally got the grant last year and then the pandemic hit and, well you know the rest.

I have no idea how to build or code this. The university computer science department was going to help me but they can't because I'm not employed there anymore. And the CS department got my grant money for its big data degree program...

I need to detect anomalies in the environment accurately, collect the data, compare and contrast, chart/graph the data, make changes in the controls and then write the paper. It's for understanding the psychological and physical activity when a patient has a poltergeist event. These are not hauntings or ghosts. The activity manifests within a person experiencing extreme stress (normally a girl beginning puberty but it can be anyone). The activity is psychokinesis and it is brought on by a mental stress disorder.

If I can understand what is happening in the environment, then it is possible to treat the patient accurately and reduce the stress immediately. Psychology is cool and I have witnessed this first hand. Now, I am close to finding a cure but I need the array to assist me in capturing the supporting data and prove my hypothesis.

Can you help me achieve this? If you have used parts, whatever, I don't mind. I'll have to pay for this out of my pocket so all of your help is greatly appreciated. I have so much time invested that I cannot quit now. Mostly, I'll need help with the coding. I will provide full credit to Adafruit for the assistance and each person by name. FYI I tried to build a Raspberry Pi 3B with a relative humidity sensor. It finally worked but it took me months to build and code. I was able to see the data but never was able to download it into Excel. I'll be your charity case. I'm not too proud to get help if I can help people with this terrifying affliction.

Sincerely, Mike Atencio

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.