Auto eject when downloading program

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Auto eject when downloading program

Post by Intramerge »

Hi there,
When I drag my uf2 file, downloaded from MakerCode, onto my GEMMA M0 it automatically ejects the Gemma. Is this normal? I'm having a hard time getting 5 pixels to light up with a 5v 2.3a power supply. Could this be the issue? Is it perhaps a programming issue in MakeCode? (I am completely new to all of this. This is my first project.)

Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Auto eject when downloading program

Post by mikeysklar »

Are you putting your board into bootloader mode first (double reset press) before dropping the UF2 file you generated on it? It is normal to see this message:
On a Mac, you can safely ignore the "Disk Not Ejected Properly" notification that may appear after copying your .uf2 file.
Guide instructions below:
Download and flash your code

If your board is working in the simulator, it's time to download it to your actual board! Click the Download button. It will generate a .uf2 file and download it to your computer. UF2 is a file format designed by Microsoft to flash microcontrollers over USB.
General Steps to copy over your program (not specific to any Operating system)

* Ensure your board is connected via USB.
* Find the .uf2 file generated by MakeCode in your file explorer. Copy it to the MAKECODE or boardnameBOOT volume.
* The status LED on the board will blink while the file is transferring. Once it's done transferring your file, the board will automatically reset and start running your code (just like in the simulator!) ... de-3006425

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