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Feather M4 gets the QICBoard treatment

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2022 2:49 pm
by jmacarthur
I just built a fresh demo for the QICBoard solderless audio build system:

Demo 4 features the Feather M4 running some synth programs, including Karplus-Strong string synths and a wavetable synth that can import Vital text-to-speech wavetables.
Most of the schematics and code are on the wiki. More docs and details coming soon.
The code was originally designed for a MKRZero, so I haven't re-optimized for the M4 yet, but that means it will run unmodified on a SAMD21, which could be handy.
It uses the Adafruit Zero I2S and DMA libraries and works with the Adafruit MAX98357A board.
-Jim MacA