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Adafruit Clue and Robot:bit

Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2023 10:25 pm
by Noesgaardk
I have an Adafruit Clue and plugged it into my Robot:bit. It allows me to power it with the Robot:bit battery.

Is there any reason I can't use these devices together? I'm programming in Python.

I feel that I should be able to address the ports and pins on the Robot:bit, no?

Re: Adafruit Clue and Robot:bit

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2023 3:12 am
by bidrohini
As far as I understand, there should be no problem with using Robot:bit with Adafruit Clue. Because Adafruit Clue can be powered by any 3-6V battery source.

Re: Adafruit Clue and Robot:bit

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:43 pm
by adafruit_support_mike
That should be fine. The Robot:bit is designed to connect to a Micro:bit easily, but doesn't require one. As long as you connect it to a 3.3V device the signals will be fine.