117 in a 45 caught on radar and walks!
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117 in a 45 caught on radar and walks!

by turbochris on Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:39 am

Yes, it's true, I'll get to that in a minute. I need everyone to please watch this show tonight and every wed night at 10:00


Tonight is the premier episode, next week the 12th is MY EPISODE! This show is about people who do crazy things in their garages. The best part is there's no bull****, no magic. My project failed miserably and that's what you'll see on TV. It's all about how us propellorheads think and solve problems. Spread the word!




These guys want to promote what we do in a truthful real manner. Lets show them some support! Lets burn up facebook and the other forums and get as many people to watch this as possible. They're already thinking about next season, they've already approached a few of my friends. If anyone has a chance to get on this show just do it!

They wanted to get some video of my jetvan. These guys had Public Safety block off the road going through my neighborhood 9:00 am while traffic was backed up with people trying to get into Fort Gordon. (sorry, don't like to disrespect the military). Then they said as long as I stay in the 45 mph zone and stay on the pavement I could do whatever I wanted. And they also said FYI the child care building is a 1/4 mile from here.

That's all I needed to hear! My son poured down some bleach and I did a burnout that made my van look like a comet! It's been 6 months and the burnout marks are still there! When I passed the radar I clocked 117 and I was still pulling! How could anyone not support a show that does things like this?

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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.