Somebody set us up the BOM
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Somebody set us up the BOM

by controlvoltage on Tue Dec 13, 2005 2:21 am

OK Jonnay, here you go... I wanted to format this in excel or as an html table or something but after tracing and counting all these parts I'm beat, and I have to work in the morning. PM me for an .rtf textfile, or copy/paste from here if the formatting isn't too f*&$ed up...

EDIT: OK, phpbb ignores [tab] ... I am PMing you with the file now.

Before you go crazy soldering stuff together, first verify you have all the parts. If there are any missing, make sure to tell us or we wont be able to help you!
Description Qty Part Number Distributor Locations:
ABS Case 1 Pactec PT-10 kind of obvious

Mouser, PacTec
Set of main and I/O panels 1 Custom attached to the case
Set of main and I/O PCBs 1 Custom inside the case
9VAC 300-500mA wall wart 1 Generic Jameco plugged in
15/32" x 1/4" x 4-40 standoff 3 Generic McMaster mounted to main PCB
3/8" x 1/4" x 4-40 standoff 4 Generic McMaster mounted to main PCB
4-40 lock washer 7 Generic McMaster
4-40 washer 4 Generic McMaster
4-40 x 1/4" hex button 7 McMaster
4-40 x 1/4" phillips button 7 McMaster
4-40 x 1/4" phillips cheesehead (i swear its called that) 4 Comes with case
Rubber feet 4 Comes with case bottom of case
Switch cap (white) 8 401-1155 Digikey
Switch cap (black) 15 401-1152 Digikey
Potentiometer knob 8 450-4760 Mouser
Switch knob 2 5164-1510 Mouser
Heat sink (TO-220) 1 532-574502b00 Mouser mount to IC20
40-pin DIP socket 1 571-3902625 Mouser IC3* (socket into PCB, IC into socket)
8-pin DIP socket 1 571-3902612 Mouser IC2* (ditto above)
1/4" stereo jack 3 568-nys216 Mouser MIXOUT, MIXIN, HEADPHONE
1/8" jack 2 cp-3536n Digikey CV, GATE
2.1mm power jack 1 cp-202a Digikey POWER
USB type-B jack 1 154-2442 Mouser USB
MIDI/DINSYNC jack 4 cp-2350 Digikey DIN1-DIN4
Toggle switch 1 633-b12ab Mouser S1
Rotary encoder 1 ct3011 Digikey S2
16 position rotary switch 2 gh3074 Digikey S3, S4
Tact switch 23 eg1821 Digikey S5-S27
Solid ~20-gauge wire. (Supply this yourself) 1 Generic used to anchor S3, S4
6 wire jumper ribbon cable
9 wire and 6 wire

2 x 9c and 1x 6c WM09-06, WM06-06, WM03-06 Digikey J1-J
0.22" LED standoff 40 593-STD240B Mouser LED1*-LED40* (mounted onto LEDs)
Red 5mm LED 40 Generic LED1-LED40
1N4001 4 Generic D40-D43 (PowerSupply)
1N4148 29 Generic D1-D10(Sequencer); D24(VCF); D25, D30, D31(VCO);
D27, D35, D36(VCA); D26, D28, D29, D34, D37(Envelope);
D32, D33(Mixer); D44-D47(PowerSupply); D48(IOBoard);

10 ohm 5% resistor 2 Generic R186, R164 (IOBoard)

22 ohm 5% resistor 2 Generic R20 (IOBoard); R150 (Envelope)

27 ohm 5% resistor 2 Generic R6, R7 (IOBoard)

100 ohm 5% resistor 7 Generic R1(PowerSupply); R16(IOBoard); R95(VCF);
R130, R132(VCA); R136(Mixer); R152(Envelope)

220 ohm 5% resistor 5 Generic R13-R15, R18, R19 (IOBoard)

470 ohm 5% resistor 1 Generic R12 (IOBoard)

1K 5% resistor 4 Generic R2 (PowerSupply); R17(IOBoard); R137(Envelope); R161(Mixer)
1.5K 5% resistor 1 Generic R8 (IOBoard)

1.8K 5% resistor 1 Generic R179 (PowerSupply)

2.2K 5% resistor 19 Generic R21-R24(IOBoard); R67, R68, R69, R70, R71, R98, R108(VCF);
R104, R107(VCO); R125, R126, R124, R133, R162(VCF);

4.7K 5% resistor 2 Generic R9(IOBoard); R135(Mixer)

6.8K 5% resistor 1 Generic R3 (PowerSupply)

10K 5% resistor 94 Generic R10, R11(IOBoard); R34, R36, R105, R101(VCO);
R47, R61, R64, R65, R94, R96, R97, R109, R112, R115, R116(VCF);
R201-R234, R237-R270 (Sequencer)

22K 5% resistor 10 Generic R45, R60(VCO); R110, R111(VCF); R117, R146, R151(Envelope);
R120, R129, R134(VCA)

33K 5% resistor 1 Generic R159 (Mixer)

47K 5% resistor 4 Generic R46(VCF); R155(Mixer); R119, R127(VCA)

68K 5% resistor 1 Generic R138 (Envelope)

100K 5% resistor 24 Generic R25-R28(IOBoard); R35, R93, R92, R59, R102, R118(VCO);
R66, R72, R73, R99, R113, R114(VCF); R139, R140, R141(Envelope);
R122(VCA); R153, R154, R156, R165(Mixer)

220K 5% resistor 8 Generic R62, R63(VCF); R103(VCO); R121, R128, R131(VCA);
R235, R236(Sequencer)

1MEG 5% resistor 2 Generic R91(VCO); R200(Sequencer)

1.5MEG 5% resistor 1 Generic R123 (VCA)

2.4K 1% resistor (red yellow black brown brown) 1 Generic R5 (PowerSupply)
5.6K 1% resistor (green blue black brown brown) 1 Generic R4 (PowerSupply)
24K 1% resistor (red yellow black red brown) 1 Generic R106 (VCO)
200K 1% resistor 17 Generic R74-R90 (VCO)
2K (202) trim potentiometer 1 306uc202b Digikey TM6 (PowerSupply)
5K (502) trim potentiometer 1 306uc502b Digikey TM5 (VCO)
50K (503) trim potentiometer 1 306uc503b Digikey TM4 (VCO)
500K (504) trim potentiometer 1 306uc504b Digikey TM3 (VCF)
50K D (log) potentiometer 3 p3l2503 Digikey VR3, VR5(VCF); VR8(Mixer)
50K B (linear) potentiometer 2 p3k1503 Digikey VR2 (VCO); VR7(VCA)
50K B (linear) dual potentiometer 1 317-2202-50k Mouser VR4 (VCF)
1Meg A (log) dual potentiometer 1 317-2102-1M Mouser VR6 (Envelope)
1K PTC Thermistor 2 /732278 Newark/Farnell R100A, R100B (VCO)
.001uF (2A102K) capacitor 3 140-pm2a102k Mouser C34(VCO); C100, C101(Sequencer)
.0068uF (2A682K) capacitor 1 140-pf2a682k Mouser C47 (Mixer)
.01uF (2A103K) capacitor 5 140-pm2a103k Mouser C33, C10(VCO); C21, C20(VCA); C46(Mixer)
.018uF (2A183K) polyester capacitor 1 140-pf2a183k Mouser C18 (VCF)
.033uF (2A333K) polyester capacitor 5 140-pm2a333k Mouser C19, C24, C26(VCF); C36(VCA); C201(IOBoard)
.047uF (2A473K) capacitor 1 140-pm2a473k Mouser C54 (Envelope)
.068uF (2A683K) capacitor 1 140-pf2a683k Mouser C45 (Mixer)
.1uF (2A104K) capacitor 3 140-pm2a104k Mouser C25, C27(VCF); C41(VCA)
.1uF (104) ceramic 16 581-sr205e104m Mouser C1, C2, C4, C6(PowerSupply); C202, C204(IOBoard);
C103, C104, C106-C113 (Sequencer)
.22uF (2A224K) polyester capacitor 1 140-pm2a224k Mouser C35 (VCO)
1uF electrolytic capacitor 13 140-xrl50v1.0 Mouser C11(VCO); C13, C14, C15, C17, C22, C23, C29(VCF);
C58, C59, C56(Mixer); C105(Sequencer)
1uF (105) tantalum capacitor 2 399-1429 Digikey C62(Envelope); C42(VCA)
2.2uF electolytic capacitor 1 140-xrl50v2.2 Mouser C51 (Mixer)
10uF electrolytic capacitor 13 140-xrl16v10 Mouser C60, C61(PowerSupply); C31, C32(VCO); C16, C30(VCF);
C72(Envelope); C37, C40(VCA); C50, C52(Mixer);
C203, C205 (IOBoard)
47uF electrolytic capacitor 4 140-xrl16v47 Mouser C28(VCF); C55(Envelope); C44, C53(Mixer)
100uF 10V electrolytic capacitor 3 140-xrl25v100 Mouser C48, C49(Mixer); C102(Sequencer)
100uF 25V electrolytic capacitor 2 140-xrl10v100 Mouser C7, C8 (PowerSupply)
1000uF electrolytic capacitor 1 140-xrl10v1000 Mouser C43 (Mixer)
2200uF electolytic capacitor 2 140-xrl16v2200 Mouser C3, C5 (PowerSupply)
4066 analog switch 1 Generic IC12 (VCO)
74AC174 1 Generic IC9 (VCO)
74HC126 1 Generic IC1 (Sequencer) incorrect in fab as 74ac129
74AC165 3 Generic IC16-IC18 (Sequencer)
74HC595 5 Generic IC4-IC8 (Sequencer) incorrect in fab as 74ac595
2SA733P, TO-92 PNP transistor 10 2SA733P Mouser Q8, Q27(VCO); Q9, Q10(VCF); Q36, Q38(Envelope);
Q1*, Q2*, Q31(VCA); Q33(mixer)
2SC536F, TO-92 NPN transistor 24 Rare Q29, Q30, Q25, Q24(VCO);
Q11, Q13, Q14, Q15, Q16, Q17, Q18, Q19, Q20, Q23(VCF);
Q35, Q37, Q40, Q41(Envelope); Q3*, Q4*, Q32(VCA);
Q34(Mixer); Q50(IOBoard); Q5(Sequencer)

2SK30 JFET Q28[AO] (VCO); Q39[AY] (Envelope)

Some kits have a 2SK30AY and a 2SK30AO, see the instructions for which one to put where.
2 Rare
AN6562 8-DIP dual Op-Amp 2 Rare IC23 (PowerSupply)
2SC2291 5-SIP matched pair with common base 1 Rare Q22 (VCF)
2SC1583 5-SIP matched pair with common emitter 3 Rare Q12, Q21(VCF); Q26(VCO)
LA4140 9-SIP 1 Rare IC14 (Mixer)
BA6110 9-SIP 1 Rare IC15B* (VCA)
BA662A 9-SIP (optional) Extremely rare IC15A* (VCA) - highly unlikely
ATmega162 microcontroller 1 Atmega162-40PI IC3 (Sequencer)

Digikey (for programmed version, Adafruit)
25C33 EEPROM 1 cat25c33p Mouser IC2 (Sequencer)
7805 voltage regulator (TO-220) 1 512-mc78m05ct Mouser IC20 (PowerSupply)
7806 voltage regulator (TO-92) 1 513-Njm78l06a Mouser IC21 (PowerSupply)
LM336Z-5.0 5V voltage reference (TO-92) 1 lm336z-5.0 Digikey IC22 (PowerSupply)
4N37 optoisolator 1 512-4n37 Mouser IC24 (IOBoard)
FT232 USB chip 1 FT232BM Mouser IC25 (IOBoard)
6MHz ceramic resonator 1 815-awcr-6.00md Mouser XTL2 (IOBoard)
16MHz ceramic resonator 1 815-awcr-16.00md Mouser XTAL1 (Sequencer)
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by Jonnay on Tue Dec 13, 2005 5:37 am

Tick like a [url=http://wiki.jonnay.net/x0x/billofmaterials]BOM[/link], wanna act like a bomb and just go BOOOM!
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by controlvoltage on Tue Dec 13, 2005 8:08 am

r0ck! Kickass job on the formatting, Jonnay - thanks.
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by controlvoltage on Wed Dec 14, 2005 8:35 am

Been checking this last night - more to come, I'm not finished by any stretch

2.2K 5% resistor 19 Generic R21-R24(IOBoard); R67, R68, R69, R70, R71, R98, R108, R124, R125, R126(VCF); R104, R107(VCO); R133, R162(VCA); R178(PowerSupply)

missing some 10K 5% resistor locations

for the 2.2K, above is the corrected info. The wiki has something slightly different (and less accurate)

for the 10K's, I went by the locations listed in the xpando-BOM and had 8 resistors left over. It was late though, so I will have to re-check this again tonight after work.


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Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.